Worcester Turtle Boy Website

The Turtle Boy Statue of Worcester, MA

This site started as a joke in 2007 after I posted a photo of the Burnside Fountain (AKA Turtle Boy) of Worcester, MA and someone linked to the photo from a humor website. Apparently people thought it was a funny statue.

I thought it was funny that the photo got so much traffic so I decided to make a website about the statue. The site later became the online home for Turtle Boy Urban Gardeners (TBUG), a group of volunteers who took care of the statue between 2010 and 2013. The site then became my temporary blog about Worcester.

The latest developments

In March, 2018, I started reworking the site because it wasn’t working. I’ve moved the TBUG information to its own site; restarted my blog about Worcester; and am working on shifting the focus of the worcesterturtleboy.com back to something more in line with the original website. The changes are a work in progress.

The Burnside Fountain of Worcester, MA

The statue is located on the Common in Worcester, MA. It’s a local landmark and unofficial mascot. If you visit Worcester, make sure you visit Turtle Boy and take a selfie. Everyone does.

The Burnside Fountain which is a statue of a boy riding a sea turtle.
The actual photo that everyone thought was so funny. It’s still posted on Flickr.

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