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Turtle Boy Urban Gardeners (TBUG)

TBUG = Volunteer Urban Gardening

The Turtle Boy Urban Gardening group started as an accidental flash mob in June, 2010 when Cathy Walsh posted on my Worcester Turtle Boy Facebook page that the garden around the statue needed some work. City Councilor, Kate Toomey, was extremely supportive and helped us get the right permit and we started having “weed-ups”.

Cathy Walsh led the group which met 2-3 times each spring/summer to take care of the garden. The project was active from 2010-2013. Sadly, Cathy passed away in December of 2013. The city built a new garden in her memory and now maintains it.

group photo after putting the wreath on turtle boy
Just before Cathy went into hospice, TBUG members met up to put a wreath on Turtle Boy, a tradition that Cathy had started and maintained for years.


The idea of TBUG was that if you see something that needs doing, don’t complain about how “someone” should do something. Do the thing. Even if it is a small thing, it matters. Every time we met to take care of the garden, people would stop by to thank us. Some even joined in when they heard what we were doing. The garden is a very small piece of land but it matters to our community.

The orginal weeders
Group photo after the first TBUG Weed-up. Cathy Walsh is third from the left.

One Last Weed-Up

The TBUG group had one last weed-up in 2016 in honor of Cathy. No additional events are planned.

The TBUG website is an archive of the group’s activities and a blog that encourages getting involved in community in the Worcester area.

Visit turtleboyurbangardeners.org

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